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How to grow hair fast | How to grow long hair

 How to grow hair fast 

How to grow long hair

How to grow long hair Do you also want such long, dense, beautiful hair that people should stop seeing and they cannot remain without praise? Many people see the long, waving hair dream, but they do not know how they can be found. Many of us do not know that the things we put in our body have the effect of our hair too. By adopting a good hair care routine, hair loss can be stopped before prolonging hair. Learn through this article how to find long hair as early as possible. The hair is also healthy and dense by using these methods.

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Beauty tips for hair

Change the way your hair is washed: 

Some factors such as how many times you wash your hair and the temperature of the water used, affect your hair length because sometimes washing hair (assuming everyday Washing) and using too much hot water make the hair weak and weak, causing hair to break and the longer and thickening of the hair stop. Then what is the solution? The solution is to wash your hair more than three times a week and wash your hair with cold water which you can bear. Often the hair starts to look a little smoother or oily by washing hair. Wear a hat for a few days until your scalp is produced and allow things to be balanced. But it should not be done for a long time. If you do not like to take a shower of cold water, then wash your hair with cold water in a sink, separate from your regular shower. Cover your hair with a shower cap when you take shower.

Slowly dry your hair: 

Do you also dry your hair with a towel, brush them in wet hair and dry them and dry them? So understand that by doing this, you break your hair! There is no question of being tall and strong in the hair because you handle the gully hair very unkindly. Think that your hair is a good fabric made fabric which you will not put in the dryer, but will dry out in the air carefully. Treat similar behaviors with your hair. After washing the hair gradually dry the towel and dry it in the air and do not brush them when wet. The gelled hair pulls out and the breaks are easily broken faster than the hair. If you have to solve hair, then use your fingers and a wide-tooth comb to resolve the conflicts. Do not dry your hair when you have special occasions. Blow drying often results in hair loss, hair loss and two-rupee hair loss and they do not get repaired and then you have to wait till the new hair begins to grow.

Do not use harsh chemicals on hair: 

Shampoo and conditioners you use can contribute to reducing the growth of hair. Sulfate is found in many commercial shampoos which removes the natural oil from your hair, causing hair loss. Silicones found in the conditioner lay the chemical layer on the hair, which requires a strong shampoo to be washed. This type of cycle really starts to lose hair. Here's what you can do instead: Wash your hair with a strong shampoo for the last time, leaving the remaining silicone potty. Do not apply the conditioner this time, only gradually resolve the hair and let it dry in the air. Break your hair for a few days i.e. do nothing with them - do not wash them, do not stretch or use any products. Use a natural shampoo for hair washing next time. Read labels and use such shampoo in which only natural oils and other cleaners are found, there is no chemical. If you do not want to use shampoo, wash hair instead of shampoo. Use the diluted Apple Cider Vinegar with conditioner. It really does a great job and after drying it will not even smell the vinegar. For a deep-conditioning treatment, use coconut oil. You should not give your attitude towards the products that you use before you use chemicals.

Use all natural hairs taking techniques and products: 

In this type of trend, use more gentle methods to make your hair safer. Reduce the use of heating tools such as curling iron, straighteners, and hairdryer. Use chemical versions of hairspray and jails instead of their natural versions. It gives your hair the chance to grow taller and stronger and find yourself beautiful and attractive texture. You can make your hair gel through no harmful material. To make curly and lifeless hair smoother Instead of using the products that you usually get, use a little argan oil in the hair, without having to heat your hair naturally or curl. Try to use natural methods to Rat (straight) |

Eat omega-3 fatty acids: These "good" fats contribute to keeping hair and skin healthy and clever. These are found in many delicious food items like avocado, nuts, salmon, flaxseed oil and other things. Fish oil supplements can also be taken if you want to take extra doses of large amounts of omega-3.

Drink enough water: If you are dehydrated, this dehydration will also be seen in your hair. Your hair will become stale, lifeless and it will start to get worse. This means that water is an easy and completely essential part of the long growing hair. And with this you will be able to see the difference in your hair in a short time. Keep a bottle of water with you and aim to drink at least 2-3 liters of water in the day. If you have trouble using plain water, You can also drink herbal teas or flavored water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol and do not drink too much soda.

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