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How to prevent kidney stones

How to prevent kidney stones  

This is mostly because of the negative behavior patterns of eating and not watching out for neatness while making nourishment. Today we will think about kidney stone home cure

At the point when the minerals like calcium and salt interact with the kidneys, at that point, little minor granules or particles are framed. These gifts are called stones as it were. These rashes are frequently as little as sand particles and some of the time their size increments to 8 - 10 mm or more. At the point when the little size, these particles (little stones) escape the body with pee. However, when they are huge, they are caught in the kidney. Due to these, the sufferer endures a great deal of torment.

 Kidney Stone can be of all ages. 12% of the complete populace in India is experiencing kidney stone.
An individual experiencing kidney stones need to confront a ton of agony while relinquishing pee. The stones of the stone deliver obstacle in pee. Ordinarily, because of this, the patient can not surrender pee and this causes him difficult torment. Kidney Stone can be of all ages. 12% of the complete populace in India is experiencing kidney stone.

Eat it in stone

Other than kulthi eat cucumber, watermelon seeds, melon seeds, Chawla greens, radish, amla, pineapple, batua, grain, moong dal, Bakura and so forth. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of plain water in the day with the utilization of kulti, it is extremely advantageous in kidney maladies
Try not to eat these.

Spinach, tomato, eggplant, rice, urad, lastern substance, dried organic products, chocolate, tea, drinking, meat, and so forth. Pee ought not to be halted. Try not to sit on one seat over one hour consistently.
Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar likewise evacuates kidney stones. Alongside this, likewise the antacid impact in blood and pee.

Step by step instructions to utilize

Blend one teaspoon of nectar in some two teaspoons of natural apples in some tepid water. Drink this blend a couple of times each day.


Pomegranate squeeze and seeds both have the capacity and capacity to evacuate the kidney stone.

Step by step instructions to utilize

Eat a pomegranate day by day or drink new squeeze of a glass of pomegranate. You can likewise eat pomegranate in natural product serving of mixed greens. As a substitute, granulate a spoon of pomegranate seeds and make glue. Eat this glue with beans soup. This blend will end the kidney stone.


Basil is exceptionally useful for entire wellbeing. It is additionally viewed as valuable for kidneys. By eating basil, kidney stone develops through pee.

Instructions to utilize

Blend nectar with one teaspoon basil juice. Eat it five to a half year each morning. On the off chance that you would prefer not to blend nectar, you can just eat a few leaves of the safflower. In the event that you need, you can drink basil tea as well. Bubble five to six leaves in bubbling water and bubble for ten minutes. Blend one spoon nectar in it. Devour it when it cools.


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